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We provide a custom level of service. Whether it's the entire project from A to Z (concept to reality) or just consulting, we can customize our services to match your needs. We make it easy. Our strong partnerships with the industry’s best: Co-packers, Designers, Flavor Houses, Distributors, Retailers, etc. will help you and your beverage brand capitalize on your opportunities. 

 Product Development 

brand development

Brand Development

We offer personalized beverage and brand development - including brand name, brand style and consumer positioning. We also work with the leading companies within the beverage industry to develop your liquid formulation, packaging, and product distribution strategies.

Product Management

Product Management 

We are seasoned professionals within all beverage categories, hosting comprehensive knowledge of how to create, expand and manage your brand or brand concept(s). This includes guidance on local, state and federal compliance requirements, as well as developing strategies for financial & capital raise, profit/loss models, product pricing, sales and marketing, public relations, social media, and exit strategies. We also can provide vetting of direct to consumer (DTC) partners.

 Marketing & Sales 

Distributor Partnerships

Distributor Partnerships 

We have over 30 years worth of experience at building national and regional distribution networks for malt, wine, spirit and non-alcohol brands. As such, we will become the “face” of your brand within your distributor network and manage the day to day operations of your product.  This includes, but is not limited to, developing your Annual Business Plans, coaching and training the distributor network, executing market surveys and workwiths, reviewing monthly/quarterly results, managing inventory and holding sales meetings with the distributor teams whenever possible.

Key Account Representation and Management

Key Account Representation & Management

We will immediately work strategically to align your products with the Key/Chain Accounts within your geographic area. Working directly with these accounts, or in tandem with our Distributor National Accounts Managers, we will develop a comprehensive plan to insure the highest possible level of distribution is achieved, in the shortest amount of time. 


Sales Strategy and Execution

Sales Strategy & Execution 

Driving your brand forward with strategic sales and market presence, Liquid Opportunities Inc. employs skilled Area Managers, stationed strategically across the nation, to ensure your brand captures and excels in local markets. These Area Managers become the local eyes and ears of your brand, utilizing their on-the-ground knowledge and networks to develop strategic entry points and maintain consistent brand growth within diverse markets. Working cohesively with distributors and leveraging regional insights, Area Managers ensure your beverage products not only reach but also resonate with the target consumer base, accelerating market penetration and sustained retail prominence.


Financial Report


For our suppliers, we provide a guided route to market assisting and managing compliance and logistics, as well as marketing and sales services. Suppliers, Distributors and retailers who work with us can benefit from our sales team support, depth of industry experience and strong track-record of growth.

Jason Kane

President / CEO


Dave Cornell

Director of Business Development


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