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Newsletter - Spring 2023

Refreshing Drinks

RTD Innovation is the gift that just keeps on giving. And as the weather starts to heat up this Spring & Summer - look for those RTD and unique brands that will excite retailers, satisfy consumers and grow your margins!

Industry experts continue to sing the praises of the spirit-based RTD category & trends are backing this up. Year after year of double digit growth and industry dollar predictions in the billions are just two of the main reasons for all of the excitement.

This Spring/Summer, we at Liquid Opportunities will be introducing new, exciting and relevant/proven brands to the beverage alcohol category - from a delicious Soju to an exotic and refreshing adult beverage in a POUCH - to finally one of the most successful (and crafty) Radlers in Canada - Crafty Radler! And don't forget the "first to market" Vodka Kombucha Refresher - Mixt! (All of this on top of the incredibly diverse portfolio of alc and non-alc we currently offer).

We are well aware of the number of new brands being introduced every day, that is why we take special care in partnering and creating those brands which can truly fill a market niche, while at the same time filling

the "white space" within your beverage portfolio.

Enjoy the newsletter, read about our many successful offerings and please let us know if there is anything we can do for you - samples, more information, pricing, etc.

Newsletter - Fall 2022


The beverage industry is constantly evolving with new brands/categories popping up everywhere you look. From "Stillys" to hard kombuchas, from organic to BD, from frozen alcohol treats to dynamic and flavorful non-alcs, you can always count on our industry bringing excitement to the consumer

This Fall, we at Liquid Opportunities can bring ALL of these new categories, with new exciting brands, to your doorstep - as well as our established and well known portfolio of adult and non-alc beverage products.

Have fun looking through the newsletter and let us know if there is any "white space" within your portfolio that we can help fill - our contact information is on the last page!


In the meantime, have a great holiday season - and thank you so much for your current (and future) partnership!

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