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"Our collaboration with Liquid Opportunities has been invaluable. Their insights & expertise guided us to a successful buyout, paving the way for Prima Barista to become a trailblazing brand in the hard iced coffee industry. We're grateful for their unwavering support."

Prima Barista Brands - RTD / Spirit

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About Us

Liquid Opportunities Inc: Your Beverage Industry Experts


At Liquid Opportunities Inc, we are not just a full-service beverage company; we are industry trailblazers, synonymous with expertise across the dynamic landscape of the beverage industry. From RTDs (Ready-To-Drink), Spirits and Wines to FMBs (Flavored Malt Beverages), Beers, and Non-Alcoholic drinks, we have a deep-rooted understanding of the entire beverage industry. Our journey through various beverage categories reflects our commitment to innovation, excellence, and the creation of brands that redefine industry standards.


We are a full-service beverage importing, consulting, and sales agency with over 30 years of industry experience committed to developing unique, delicious, innovative and on-trend brands.  We specialize in product development, implementation, activation brand management, and creating new categories within the beverage industry. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best opportunity to become a successful selling brand. 

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Jason Kane

President / CEO


Dave Cornell

Director of Business Development


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